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Energy saving ideas for your downsized home

energy saving in retirement
Consider the range of Energy saving ideas for your downsized home to save money in retirement

So, you’re downsizing your home. How can you ensure that your new abode is an energy efficient one? Let’s take a look at some excellent energy saving ideas for your downsized home.

Energy Saving Ideas For Your Downsized Home

  • Efficient Bulbs – replace every light bulb in your home with an energy saving one. You would be surprised at how little difference it makes to your comfort levels while saving tons of energy and providing you with more spending money for those long lunches you like. Plus, they last much longer than standard bulbs, which means you won’t have to change them very often.
  • A Rating – from your boiler to your fridge, invest in A rated appliances. You can’t avoid using appliances, but you can make them as energy efficient as possible. This is how you should move forward – if you are buying a new appliance, make sure it’s energy efficient. When your current appliances need to be replaced, go for energy efficiency. Where possible, rid yourself of old appliances now and buy new, energy efficient ones for your new downsized home.
  • Insulate – a third of your air conditioning (or heat) is lost through your home’s walls. So, by insulating them properly you can save a lot of energy. Of course, it can also save your utility bills, too. It’s better off in your hands, isn’t it?
  • Air-Conditioner – just a degree of difference on the air-conditioner can cut your utility bills by 10%. That’s a major saving every year, and the environment will thank you, too.
  • Standby – are you guilty of leaving your appliances on standby when they’re not in use? Turn them all the way off, it won’t save you a fortune, but it will contribute to a brighter future for generations to come.
  • Leaks & Drips – most people think that the most annoying thing about a leaky faucet or always dripping tap is the noise it creates. Did you realise that that dripping tap can fill your bath in just two weeks? Make sure that you deal with any drips or leaks right away. This is always a good way to make sure there are no underlying issues which could cause damp, mould or even a flood.
  • Go Solar – you don’t need a giant home to go solar. There are small panels available and even apartment dwellers can get in on the action. It may be a small step to take, but it’s certainly an excellent way to reduce your energy consumption from the grid.
  • Monitor – you can purchase a monitor that will let you know exactly how much electricity you are using. The best part? It works in real time!

So, as far as energy saving ideas for your downsized home go, there are plenty of ways you can make a difference. The benefits are two-fold, it puts more money in your pocket and you help protect the environment from the damage that climate change is doing.

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