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Are there benefits to downsizing my car?

downsizing my car
We provide five key benefits of downsizing your car

Many drivers are now choosing to downsize their vehicle. They no longer have a family to haul around so, it makes sense to opt for something more efficient and appropriate in size. The big question is, are there benefits to downsizing my car? There are many benefits to downsizing your car, but what are they? Let’s have a look at the five key benefits for downsizing your car.

Benefit One: Fuel

There are two options here and both are beneficial to you. First of all, you can downsize to improve your running costs. A smaller car doesn’t burn through as much fuel. However, you can also downsize and purchase an electric (or hybrid) vehicle, which will offer you the same benefits. Despite the lack of government support, more and more Australians are jumping on the electric car trend because it makes sense, both for your bank account and the environment. Experts suggest that one of the reasons Australia is lagging behind in going electric is the initial purchase cost. However, the gap has closed quite a bit and is set to do so, even more, this year.

Benefit Two: Space Saving

Many people who want to downsize their car started by downsizing their home. So, it makes sense that you’d want a smaller car to go with your smaller home. Here’s the thing, a smaller car doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to lose out on boot space. You won’t have the same space as you would in an SUV, but many smaller cars offer magic seats, allowing you to fold the seats to create a larger loading space. That way, even if you still need to haul larger loads, you can do so in your small vehicle. You’re missing out on nothing!

Benefit Three: Parking

It’s much easier to park a smaller car, too. Especially if you like to visit busy areas and struggle to find a parking spot.

Benefit Four: Cost & Style

Small cars generally cost less to purchase which means you can save a bit of money on your purchase. Or, you can get a nicer car for the same price as a larger one would have cost you.

Don’t worry if you want to remain stylish, there are plenty of styling cars available in smaller sizes. So, you don’t need to sacrifice anything when you choose a smaller option.

Benefit Five: Performance & Safety

If you are all about performance, then you should know just how brilliant smaller cars can be on that front. A Ford Fiesta is actually one of the best to drive in its class. So, you can have a lot of fun and demand a lot from a smaller car, even the ones that you wouldn’t expect it from. Sadly, only the ST will be available in Australia, but it’s a hot-hatch so you will definitely be driving in style.

Another thing to consider is safety. Once upon a time, certain technology could only be found in luxury vehicles. Now, even the most basic small cars offer high levels of technology for safety protocols.

So, are there benefits to downsizing my car? You bet! Now you just need to decide which small car is the right fit for you.

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