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Smart storage ideas For downsizers

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There's a range of smart storage ideas that you can use to make your little space much more usable.

Downsizing should be about making your life a bit simpler. We’ve assembled a range of smart storage ideas for downsizers to make life simple and clean.

Unfortunately, the downsizing process doesn’t always feel simple. In fact, it can be downright heartbreaking for some people. So, the first step to handling this major life change is to determine exactly how you plan to store the things you’re holding onto. If you’re really smart, you will be able to hold onto much more than you initially realised, even if you’re cutting your square footage in half.

Smart Storage Ideas For Downsizers

  • Vertical Storage – racks behind your doors, racks on the doors… you can maximise vertical storage for a variety of purposes. Over the door, shoe storage solutions can be a handy option for bathrooms (towels and toiletries), as well as in the bedroom and in the pantry. It cuts down on clutter and ensures you have a home for everything.
  • Shelving – if you have a small bathroom, you can hang some shelving to provide extra space. There isn’t always floor space for storage and over the door shoe storage won’t accommodate all of your toiletries.
  • Storage bed – you can boost your storage options by investing in a bed that offers storage, whether in drawer form or otherwise. So, think about this for excess bedding, as well as your clothing. When you’re downsizing you should be looking for furniture that will do more than one job for you. It has its primary purpose, yes, but what else will it do?
  • Hang Hooks – hooks are an inexpensive and simple way to gain more space. Place them in the entryway, in cupboards and closets, as well as the bathroom. You can hang clothing from hooks, as well as hats, brooms, dog leads, and umbrellas. You can also hang a vertical storage solution from the hook to maximise your storage options.
  • Baskets – this is another simple and inexpensive option to take advantage of. You can use them in the kitchen, your closet or just about anywhere. They help you keep your home organised and tidy.
  • Seating – just like a storage bed, you can find ottomans and couches that offer plenty of space beneath. It’s a great place to store extra bedding or even your electronics. This type of option allows you to buy a larger couch because it’s offering you extra storage space.
  • Drawers – utilise the drawers you have by investing in organisers that will help you store your belongings efficiently. These types of organisers are handy for desks, kitchens, bathrooms, and even the pantry.

Before you make the move to a smaller home, take time to learn the floor plan of the home. Use the measurements to purchase furniture that will work and use a physical copy of it to plan how you will decorate. This will help you make the right moves in what belongings to keep, what to get rid of, and what you will need to buy. If all else fails, you can always rent a storage unit to keep some belongings handy until you know exactly how everything will fit. Take these smart storage ideas for downsizers and make them your own.

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