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What are the best housing options for seniors?

housing options for seniors
There are a plethora of housing options for seniors. We take a look at a few

Many older adults choose to live in a senior living community, but there is a multitude of housing options for seniors to choose from. Each of these communities will offer you different services, which are based on the care needs and lifestyle of the residents who live there. Which community is right for you?

Housing Options For Seniors

  • Active Communities – these are communities entirely designed for senior adults. It might be a home, an apartment, a mobile home, condo or a townhouse. Typically, these communities are for people 55 and older and the residents are completely independent. You get the benefits of living alone, as well as the benefit of a community, social activities, recreational and educational options as well.
  • Independent Living – these are retirement homes where you can buy/rent a unit. Often, your meals are included, as well as laundry, transport, and housekeeping. While most of the residents are capable of handling their daily tasks, it’s nice to have the added benefit of not having to do all of it. It’s perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to live alone or is feeling lonely ageing in place.
  • Assisted Living – there are similarities with assisted and independent living. The main difference is assisted living offers care services to the residents who need them. This may be assistance with medication, bathing or getting dressed. Many of these residences also offer units for residents with dementia (the early or middle stages).
  • Care Home – a care home offers extended care. In addition to services like meals and laundry, there is medical care available as well. These homes are staffed with health professionals. Some people choose to stay in these homes long-term, while others stay temporarily after surgery, a fall or another health condition.
  • Continuing Care – this is an incredibly popular option for many people. You can move in and enjoy independent living and move to an adjacent campus when your needs change. It’s an inevitability that you will need more help as you age, so having the facilities you need nearby and making short moves is a much more attractive option for many people. You are also paying now for those increased services and assistance that you will need later down the road.

People make their living choice for a variety of reasons. For some seniors, it’s the desire for community. For others, it’s the want to downsize but to have a community they feel comfortable in. It really doesn’t matter what choice you make or your reasons for doing so. It can be difficult to make the choice and there are a lot of factors to weigh up before you make your final decision.

If you are in ill health and you’re considering a move, speak to your friends, talk to your family, and consult with your doctor. This will help you make the right decision. There are certain things that you should consider, including your needs emotionally, physically, and medically. Your new living situation should be appropriate for your needs.

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